What is it that makes us different?

Having a wide breadth of overlapping knowledge and experience, we have found that as an organisation, Building Perspectives are wholly independent of the individual construction industry roles of Designer, Project Manager, Cost Consultant or Contractor. We are therefore uniquely placed to give advice and assistance from a variety of different perspectives, to help make your project and company a success.

The key members of the team have worked together for many years, and each contributes a record of success in their specialist areas. The support offered from the different team members provide clear well-rounded solutions in all areas of the construction process. Our main client focus is on Subcontractors, Main Contractors, Developers, Consultants and Legal professionals in addition to Individual and Corporate Clients.

Pre- Construction Services

Before a project commences, it is easy to get so involved with the details of running your business that there is a risk of losing sight of the bigger picture. Building Perspectives provides an objective range of services in this area to provide both oversight of choices you have made, and to highlight areas you may have overlooked. Along with those items listed within the Quantity Surveying and Project Management roles, we also specialise in:

  • Contract review, advice and negotiation
  • CDM 2015 Role as Principle Designer
  • Procurement Advice and Guidance
  • Enquiry/Tender management
  • Marketing
  • Construction and development photography & video

Quantity Surveying Support

Using our surveying services enables you to adjust to variations in workload, take on new projects and overcome resource issues at a moment’s notice.

We have a team of surveyors to provide high-quality support. Our surveyors are well qualified and offer a professional, flexible level of service.

Whenever you require QS support, all you need do is to contact us with details of the project where additional resource is required, and we will identify a surveyor to suit.

  • Entitlement assessment
  • Value Engineering, analysing function and removing unnecessary waste.
  • Creation and optimisation of Bill of Quantities and Contract Sum Analysis
  • Valuation of Interim payments – applications and processing
  • Final Account assessment and negotiations
  • Re-measurement
  • Project Cost Controls

Project Management

At the commencement of a construction project, we make a valuable contribution right from the outset.

We have strong experience in fulfilling a Project Management role on projects, and some of the skills we can bring to this task (in addition to our Pre-Contract Construction competencies) are:

  • Risk Management
  • Document Control
  • Project Controls administration
  • Variation Management
  • Additional Support

Design Development

During the Design development phase of the works, the project design is refined from the initial schematic proposal. Plan arrangements, equipment and furnishings, building design, materials and specifications are established, with detailed definitions of all systems serving the project being developed. All design decisions will be completed during this phase to permit the preparation for tendering for the subsequent construction documents.

While Building Perspectives personnel possess design talent to facilitate the creation of schematic outline designs, we can offer most value within the design process at the Design development phase. Here we can assist you in developing the outline specification into a more detailed technical proposal, and additionally incorporate such aspects as Value Engineering solutions into the design matrix, in addition to helping ensure designs comply with all necessary permits, regulations, codes and statutory approvals.

  • Developed Design
  • Technical Design
  • Shop-drawing development

Dispute Resolution


On any project things can go wrong. Sometimes this can result in a dispute which if not resolved can escalate with negative results. The longer a dispute lasts, the greater the negative impact on management and cost.

Our focus is therefore on resolving disputes by working with you, to establish the possible options and assist in providing a clear, commercially driven strategy that will ensure the earliest possible settlement on the best acceptable terms.

  • Claim preparation and analysis
  • Delay analysis
  • Dispute management
  • Claim preparation
  • Delay review
  • Disruption and loss of productivity
  • Loss of profit calculations
  • Overhead calculations
  • Variation assessment
  • Construction Management/ Dispute issue reports


Learn & Earn – Keep ahead of the game

The changing and volatile nature of the construction and property industry means that if you train and learn you are more likely to maintain your competitive edge and be a success at what you do. Building Perspectives can provide practical action orientated training programmes that are specifically tailored to meet your company’s needs.

These programmes draw upon up to the minute experience in management, commercial management, surveying, dispute management, negotiation, communication and speaking skills. Delivered by professional speakers and trainers, we often have special guest presenters both from within the industry and outside.


Programmes are tailored to suit your specific training requirements and the level of content will accommodate the attendee’s knowledge and general experience.

A selection of our most popular programmes include the following:

  • Subcontracting – How to record & survive
  • How to manage your cash-flow
  • Are you working for free? Not anymore!
  • How to measure and properly value your works
  • It’s not a level playing field – Groundworks & Civils measurement
  • Speaking & Communication skills
  • Negotiation skills & techniques
  • The psychology of disputes – How to make it work for you!
  • How to Classify Construction Soil Waste and reduce costs and enhance profitability!
  • On site examples of Waste Segregation
  • The Growth Cycle of Japanese Knotweed

For further information, please contact us.

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